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Will CBD Oil Improve My Sleep?

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CBD Oil For Sleep

Nothing in the world can make me more anxious and jealous when hearing people talk about good night sleep. As long I can remember I’m struggling with sleep. Tried absolutely everything to get more out of it, you name it. Meditation, exercising regularly, magnesium, melatonin etc…

Some of it helped slightly, but only for some short periods of time when my life was more smooth & not much going on through my head. As soon something popped out I was eventually hopeless. That tablet before sleep and no-tech rule got me practically nowhere.

Eventually doctors gave me some sort of prescription for Klonopin. It was a medication prescribed to patients who suffer from anxiety from their clinicians. Although I must admit it helped me fall asleep. But the problem was the after affect. Literally the next day I would feel like a waling zombie, completely nauseous. I felt even worse that after a sleepless night, so I figured out that wasn’t for me and It wasn’t worth it.

That’s exactly why I constantly searched for new solutions and was extremely intrigued when I first heard about CBD. I heard people taking that it was a part of the cannabis or hemp plant called cannabidiol. It was the non psychoactive compound unlike THC which got you high. I said to my self, look at that, not bad at all. But after all I experienced before I didn’t get my hopes very high. 2 months had passed by, and I was in depression and devastated. Normal day for me was like I won on a lottery, I started thinking this is not a way some should live. And everything I heard along the way was helping others, didn’t worked for me. So I finally decided to give a shot to this CBD Oil For Sleep thing I heard so much about. After all, I had nothing to lose.  

CBD Oil For Sleep


CBD Oil For Sleep Final Impression

With this being said, it isn’t perfect whatsoever. It may cause some people to experience slight nausea or diarrhea, but after a while your body gets used to this vitamin shock and  you are starting to feel better than  ever. Although experts say that you must be cautious when you start using CBD, until more and more studies are done to confirm this claims.

So, is this CBD Oil the miracle you have been hoping for and what it appears to be? There is much to be proven through scientific data, and obviously it depends from person to person. But I can tell you one thing – I’m certainly not ready and willing to give up on these  joyful eight-hour sleep nights, and high energy filled days I’m living.

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