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Is Copaiba Essential Oil Better than CBD Oil?

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For sure you have already heard about CBD Oil due to its benefits and ability to treat very wide array of conditions.

It is extracted from the buds and the flowers of the well-known plant Cannabis. Therefore, all countries and locations that recognized the power of this Oil have made it legal to buy and use along with medical cannabis usage.


It is a chemical that occurs completely natural in the Cannabis plant. It is proven to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties which makes it suitable for use to treat extremely serious conditions.

 CBD Oil is contained just from the curing Cannabis compound called CBD. While the other two compounds or types of cannabinoids are THC & BCP. However, it is very important to know that CBD Oil is completely free from the psychoactive compound called THC, and It doesn’t make’s you high, at all.

BCP is also present in the cannabis plant, affecting CB2 receptors. Unlike CB1, these receptors don’t cause “high” effect and response. Instead, they interact with CB2 receptors in the immune system, helping to reduce inflammation and significantly relief pain.


Recently there was a buzz from some sources about a plant that is pretty much powerful and could cure or treat most of today’s modern health conditions.

It is known that this tree has its origin from the jungle of Amazon. It can grow an incredibly 100 feet tall producing yellow flowers with red fruits. The copaiba essential oil itself gets distilled from the trees resin and can produce up to 12 gallons, in just one season, how amazing is that!

Copaiba oil had been used for over hundreds of years all over South America, intended for spiritual and physical healing and you can find it very easy in most stores out there.


BCP contained in Copaiba Oil has been found to improve even more conditions when compared to CBD Oil. Supporting Oral health and the immune system, it may be exactly what you are looking for. If used topically it can remove blemishes and clear the skin, while ingested affects positively on your inner health.

If the traditional medicines are not helping and you want to improve your health without the fear of ingesting THC traces, then Copaiba is the perfect solution for you. It’s cost effective and safe. You won’t have to ever worry about being positive on any drug test and risking your career along with your future. It’s is well known not to have any kind of side effects, whatsoever.


Comparing these two Oils side by side, you can notice that both of them have own characteristic and benefits. Copaiba simply offers more affordable solution over CBD and the THC risk does not exist. This is because it is not extracted from the Cannabis plant so you won’t have to worry about that.

CBD Oil is derived from Hemp, and being a part of a cannabis plant, there is a slight possibility it may have THC trace, but the chances are minimal. Although CBD Oil is much researched and proven to work on severe health conditions, Copaiba has its time to prove itself and convince us that it can be considered for serious treatments in the future.  

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