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How You Can Effortlessly Fix Anxiety Problem With CBD Oil

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Fix Anxiety With CBD Oil

You see it everywhere, beauty products, supplement industry. Even In food and chocolate bare, but what the hell is CBD Oil, and what’s for all this fuss?

You heard that it has something to do with Cannabis, but does that makes the wellness world crazy? Not exactly, and here’s why.

CBD oil Basics – Marijuana VS Hemp

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound found in hemp and marijuana, both making the Cannabis family. The thing that differentiates these two family members are the levels of THC contained in each. TCH, is also a cannabinoid compound.

More than 60 different kinds of cannabinoids exist, but TCH is the most popular, the Rihanna of the cannabinoids family, if you wish. Behind the popularity of THC is the psychoactive effect it achieves after inhaling, or most known as the HIGH effect.  

It can get pretty confusing if you are trying to define Hemp and Marijuana separately, but basically the only difference is that Marijuana is known for the high levels of THC, while Hemp is known for the low or no levels of THC. The amount of THC in both of these plants depend of the kind of the specific plant and the product for which the Oil is extracted for. Therefore, CBD Oil is almost always extracted from the Hemp plant, but sometimes rarely is can be extracted also from Marijuana. CBD Oil Products that are placed on the market have different levels of CBD and THC. Varying from no to small amounts of THC.

Fix Anxiety With CBD Oil

Fix Anxiety With CBD Oil – Dosage – How much is enough?

Studies on CBD Oil have shown a wide range of dosage (somewhere from few to dozens or even hundreds milligrams). It is always safer and a good thing to start at the low end (which means no more than 10 milligrams.) and to slowly start to increase over time, mainly over 3-4 weeks or 2-3 months period, just to see how it works for you.

Some people prefer to take the daily intake dose all at once, while others prefer to split it through the day in smaller amounts. Therefore, if you want to Fix Anxiety With CBD Oil it is the smartest to consult with your doctor, especially if you use other medications along. CBD is completely safe, but interacting with some other pharmaceutical drugs it may cause effectiveness decrease.

CBD Oil products pop up on the market on a daily bases. Just be sure that the product you are buying has been tested to quality and safety, and if possibly the hemp was grown organically.

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