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How to Lose Weight with these CBD Gummies

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What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a natural compound gaining a lot of popularity in the natural health world. CBD is one of the compounds called cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Some people believe that Weight Loss CBD Gummies can aid weight loss, but does it work?

There are many possible uses for CBD, from fighting acne to reducing anxiety. Researchers are also looking at the possibility that CBD can help people lose weight and reduce their risk of experiencing issues associated with weight, such as diabetes and metabolic disorder.

In this article, we discuss CBD for weight loss, including whether or not science backs up the hype.

Weight Loss CBD Gummies

How Exactly Does CBD Help With Weight Loss?

As compared to THC, a component often used in appetite stimulation, CBD has the opposite effect. In a study that compared three cannabinoids, CBD minimizes total food consumption in rats. Moreover, a study published in the Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry in May of 2019 showed that CBD plays a critical role in a procedure known as “fat browning”.

Scientists dug deeper into the effect of CBD on immature fat cells, or preadipocytes. The aim of the study was to research about CBD’s potential in preventing and treating obesity. The results found concluded that CBD:

  • Helps stimulate proteins and fat genes, which then encourage the oxidation and breakdown of fat.
  • Boosts the activity and number of mitochondria in the body cells, which helps the body in burning more calories
  • Decreases the expression of proteins involved in lipogenesis.

These findings are a joint result confirming CBD’s ability to induce fat browning, a process that converts white fat tissue into beige fat tissue. Though white fat stores up energy levels, beige fat burns it.

CBD And Weight Loss – What Does Research Have To Say?

Several studies focused on finding the link between weight loss and CBD in the Scientific Journal of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. The results concluded the impact of CBD on the immature cells to explore the benefits of the treatment and prevention of obesity. The results were the following:

CBD boosted metabolism through a process called fat browning, where it transforms the white fatty tissues or adipose into beige or brown colored adipose tissues. The white tissues assist in the storage of energy while the brown adipose tissue helps in burning body energy. Therefore, fat browning helps you lose weight through the consumption of CBD.

Weight Loss CBD Gummies

Who Is Savage CBD?

There aren’t any CBD companies who can claim decades of experience, but we all know that the American CBD market was destroyed for over half a century. Founded in 2015, this California based business has pumped out millions of units of high-quality Full Spectrum Cannabidiol products and has managed to generate a large client base around the country.

From the CEO down, this is a company who looks out for their customers. The products that we have tested from them have one thing, flavor obviously plays a major role in the development and sale of their CBD Edible Gummies – spoiler alert: the CBD Gummies we are about to review are some of the most flavorful on the market!

Savage CBD Edible Gummies for Weight Loss

Treat yourself to the potential weight loss benefits of CBD while enjoying a sweet nibble with these CBD gummies! CBD gummies can significantly help you in relieving chronic pains, reducing anxiety, and weight loss – all without a high feeling. These gummies are lab-tested and pesticide/GMO/THC-free. 

  • Take to Lose Weight and enjoy the taste at the same time
  • Take to relieve stress, chronic pain & anxiety
  • Tap into the potential benefits of CBD while enjoying a sweet treat
  • Enjoy without the high feeling

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Savage Gummies is a 300mg package containing 6 Gummy Worms. A simple package that is black on one side with a foil backing and see-through on the other, you can clearly see what you are getting on the purchase. Each package is emblazoned with a colorful label, giving information to social media links, ingredients a bar code and most importantly a QR code link to the laboratory test results for the product (we will talk about those further down).

Everything has been put in place to allow new users of CBD products to get to know what they are buying. It says they are GMO-free, pesticide-free and THC free. Unlike many other companies, they have specified that each of the CBD gummies in the package contains 50 mg of Cannabidiol.

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Savage Weight Loss CBD Gummies Review

Doing the job that we do, we get a vast number of products across our desks every week and we always ensure that the product we are testing is the only one we are using.

As we already stated, each of the gummies is split into 2 different flavors. One side is sweet, the other is sour. The flavor combinations mesh together really well if you eat the whole worm at once, but some companies recommend that 20mg is a complete daily dose. That makes each of these worms enough for 2 complete days of dosage. The fact that they are 2 different colors makes splitting the gummy extremely simple.

Looking at the results on the website, these CBD gummies are infused with a CBD isolate- not a lot of other compounds from the plant or its material makes this easy to pick up on– and each worm tested contained 52.4mg of the compound. SO, according to the test results, what the package says is exactly what’s in them.

Weight Loss CBD Gummies

The company has stated that these worms are infused with CBD. There are quite a few companies right now who are under scrutiny from the press because they either don’t put any CBD into the products or just roll the complete product in Isolate powder when they are ready to go into the package and are not accurate in their measurements- pay close attention to lab results so you know exactly what you’re buying.


I have been using various CBD products for around 6 months for weight loss, stress relief and pain management so it’s pretty easy to pick up the products that have little to no Cannabidiol in them. This is definitely not one of them! For the case of this review, I used 1 half of one worm, by their calculations approximately 25mg CBD. After around 20 minutes a familiar feeling of calm washed over me, the quickest way to tell the difference between an actual CBD product and one that just has it written on the package.

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 As for the weight loss, so far so good. In about one month of eating Savage CBD Gummies, I lost 11 pounds, just with these gummies added to my diet. They keep me full and energized all the time.

Also, as an Isolate, it’s good for focusing the mind and helping with my gastrointestinal problems. It didn’t give me any lethargic feelings, I didn’t feel like I needed to lay down after ingesting it, which makes this dosage great for daytime use.

Flavor-wise, the CBD Gummies taste great. You do taste a hint of the compound in them, but as there are no Terpenes in the mixture you don’t get hit with an overwhelming “herbal” taste.

Final Conclusion

CBD Savage Gummies Honest Review 2019

All in all, Savage CBD: CBD Gummies are exactly what they say they are and do exactly what you would expect them to. This is a company that cares about its products and its customers equally, they want to make sure that you are getting what you pay for.

These are some of the best tasting Gummy worms on the market and are effective in their CBD delivery. We are particular about what we endorse and believe Savage CBD are delivering high-quality products. If you want to pick up a pack of gummies for yourself, directly visit the SavageCBD Gummies page.

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